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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear friends and supporters of our talents, we greet you with Love and affection..we are back with so much to share with you!
it is only fair that you understand why we are doing these showcases.Balion Music School of Reggae and the Performing Arts have always been promoting innercity talents..We have designed this Event as part of our Project and has also been planning to serve you the best for your support!This year we hope to achieve much with your share of the work done..
We want to remind you that we will be calling upon you soon enough to support our T-Shirt+Cd compilation+Instrument Drive and we have to have a nice music workshop going right through the Spring unto the end of year!
our designs will soon be upgrade to soothe your artistic thirst! so please do prepare to grow with us by helping us grow..just in case you have an artiste you would like to feature,just contact us and submit them. We are still seeking vocals+musicians for our Global Reggae Collabs ..just look for us on Soundcloud.com.
Then there is the Instrument drive that will help us teach some youths in the inner cities of Kingston to learn how to play out their creative energies and inspirations.. we are trying hard to save our youth from the ignorance and the troubles that violence brings to the ghetto..So if you have any ideas we would gladly take it..yes how do we get there without you it's just not thinkable.Yes teacher,students musicians all together experimenting making and learning how to make more music. Last but not least one of our biggest struggles right now is to get our Project established as a Foundation and this again we will call upon you to assist in making this a reality. so until then much love and respect!

Balion MusicKingston Jamaica
Skype: Rastapicney
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Global Reggae Collabs by Balion Music

http://soundcloud.com/groups/balionmusic-global-reggae-collabs        Reggae people working together on reggae flavoured projects-We @BalionMusic is looking to have a total global reggae connection online and offline from music to documentary movies to books, live shows and touring also consultations and special services even tourism. so join the group and give some ideas and make it work if you love reggae that much we have the power to make the right thing happen!

You may follow my blog link me on Skype (rastapicney) on Faceboook..Rupert Leroy Davidson rastapicney@yahoo.co.uk...if you wish you can call me too in Kingston(1-876)4337015)..I would like us to unite in many ways even as far a developing a fair and transparent support system, which involves monetary partnerships..Private and public where we all can agree upon pooling funds together honestly and legally to get each other's works accomplished and we will promote it together..let's eradicate competitiveness with oneness! May Jah be our guide...One love 
check out the
"Balion Music School of Reggae and performing Arts Project" https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=51386136032
it needs all the strength you can give!..Respect
p.s. http://www.reggaelovealive.blogspot.com/

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Balion Music School Of Reggae & Performing Arts

Here at Balion Music we have designed “The Project” titled The Balion Music School Of Reggae in an effort to create a music school that uplifts Jamaican artists and anyone else who may be interested. We will be focusing on various areas of the artists’ needs for growth and development by providing free training in the areas of song writing, artistic expression, i.e.(sound engineering, stage performance training, music writing and reading, stress management, music video and more) as well as music business transactions (contracts, legalities on royalties, intellectual property, etc).

The school is undoubtedly needed, as the impact of our musical culture is universally tremendous yet there are still so many of us with the potential who are not reaping the benefits of our talents in the Reggae music industry. We know that it is not due to one factor alone as research goes to show that on each side on the fence there are weaknesses and strengths. A lot of artistes did not make it in the music business due to destiny, as some would say, but also due to lack of proper development of their talents and career attributes.
Balion Music School of Reggae aims to erase the bad reputation of Kingston by holding regular events, which would in turn encourage the growth of tourism in the capital. Jamaica is renowned for its Reggae music, so we need your support to help ignite the passion of our people in which will bring us together in unity.
The Project will be funded in part by a series of festivals entitled - REGGAE LOVE ALIVE. This music festival will be held quarterly every year, continuing from the first one slated until we achieve our goals and reach the completion of our mission. A Trust Fund account will be created and managed by a team of individuals delegated by The Project to manage the actions and activities of the school. It is our responsibility to do as much we can for each other as a nation and so we call upon you, as we are seeking your support to this visionary move to up-bring our brothers and sisters in the right musical way.
We are seeking your endorsement/sponsors/contributions. Please contact Rupert Davidson if you are interested in taking part in the mission to keep reggae music alive.
In order to get a sense of what the school is aiming to achieve, please feel free to look at the following links about The Project and of the founder Rupert Davidson (aka Rastapicney Baby Lion):

Office Phone:1876-864-5708

Monday, September 28, 2009

Instrument drive BMSRA-Kingston

Instrument drive for the music school project in Kingston-BMSRA

"Mek dem play too"

Kingston, JAMAICA - The Balion Music School of Reggae

and The Arts project (BMSRA) would like to kick off

it's first ongoing "mek dem play too" instrument

drive...this coming DECEMBER 2010..the project which is

young and coming supports inner city youths with talent

and love for the arts and music with an opportunity to

express themselves and also make their environment a lot

more nicer to be living in.The event will launch the

drive officially it will include live performances and

the sale of our branded merchandises to raise funds to help purchase

equipment and instrument needed to make the effort

possible and also to contribute to the employment of

music teachers, maintenance and food supplies...

ASSISTANCE is required..

we are requesting your advice ideas and support...one love

BMSRA will continue to collect flutes, clarinets,

saxophones, trumpets and other instruments in relatively

good condition year-round in an effort to accommodate

the children/students who have the ambition,creativity and

discipline to be a part of the school PROJECT.

To support BMSRA Program by donating a musical

instrument, making a monetary contribution or to offer

support in some other way, call or email the BMSRA

office at rastapicney@gmail.com

1-876-8645708 / 3904823 / 3453795
a.k.a Rastapicney Baby Lion
42 East Road
Kgn 11
Kingston Jamaica

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rastapicney Baby Lion/Rupert Leroy Davidson - Biography-Balion Music Property

Baby Lion/Rupert Leroy Davidson

Jamaica has produced many musical greats, and as so, has caused the world to become addicted with the expectations of always receiving the best Cultural performance from this small Mecca on the map. Today, Singer, Song-Writer, Rupert Davidson - a .k .a Baby Lion, born (1973) in Kingston, Jamaica is on the trod to manifest his message and share his light.

Spending most of his early childhood years growing up in Kingston 11 , a section of the Boucher Park Community. He went to St. Francis Primary, which was All-Age at the time. He was successful in his Common-Entrance Examinations (the Aptitude Test in Effect at the time), which secured him a placement at the Saint George’s College, where he spent a few years before unfortunately being expelled (due to circumstances beyond his control). He later went on to St. Joseph College, a more private institution where he tried to finish his tertiary education.
At the youthful age of eighteen years old , he decided that he would pursue a career in the music business as he was a naturally talented singer, which he was very excited to express and share with the world as “talent is nothing without opportunity” , as a fatherless youth that grew up in a home where his mother Claudette a lover of music herself, along with his stepfather Leroy whom had a sound system together called Inspiration .He remembers listening to the beautiful and powerful sounds and songs of other musical greats of that time, his mind had been opened and trained to a point of learning to love and appreciate good music, having the privilege of understanding how to make a note or even expressing an emotion musically by listening to the best of the best ,becoming inspired by local and foreign acts alike, while groups like Manhattans , Stylistics and BG’s were creating their own waves abroad groups like Bob Marley & The Wailers , Chalice Third World and even ‘The Heptones’ were burning tracks as well , digging the excavation for the future of the number one music of today, Reggae Music.
Baby Lion’s public exposure began when he entered a talent contest in his community put together by the “DESNOES and GEDDES “Drinks Company on a promotional tour of a liquor product called Dragon Stout . After wining the contest as the best singer Baby Lion went on with the encouragement of strangers friends and members of his community ,he decided that he would do his best to bring his talent to perfection.

Over the years passing he became familiar with artistes and producers alike that he had the chance to meet, he met Sugar Minnot , who along with another producer Trevor Lovechild had helped to produce an all star album which he had the opportunity to sing three tracks on , the album was titled “Cultural Revival – “ Jah is the Don” distributed by Jah Jah Distribution , New York , it was released in 1995 on the Youth Man Promotion Label, tracks on the album are Jah love, Jah Almighty and Revival Reign featuring JAH Karl. He went on to record songs for other producers over the years local and foreign , where some songs are still yet to be released ,hopefully.

Baby Lion’s greatest exposure though , as an artiste in the business so far , apart from rocking The Mandela Park crowd in Half Way Tree Square , on ‘Black History Month ‘,was when he was invited on a promotional trip to Germany in 1998 by Blessed Love Records in Stuttgart, where he discovered that his music had value and power as it was highly respected there showing potential and giving strength to the urge of wanting to be heard known and seen .Speaking to the Lion who calls himself “ RastaPicney “ about his trip to Germany, “It was worthwhile recording for” Dub-Front Outer-National’ , meeting other artiste there like Daddy Rings and Gentleman , people were really excited to have met a Jamaican moreover a Reggae singer or even a Rasta man as some people seem to love everything about JAMAICA and the culture, surprised to see people from Jamaica that I know personally and even the things that people have to teach me about my own yard and theirs ,things that I should know. It was nice being at “Summer Jam” meeting other artiste as well, learning the network of how far the music extends itself throughout Europe and the rest of the world”
Baby Lion has also remembers performing for the prime minister of Jamaica ,The Most Honourable PJ Patterson at his inauguration ceremony dubbed-“Youths in Harmony through Music” and is still wishing that the people who are seemingly responsible for keeping Jamaica rising up and out of the ditch , realize that the people and their talents are our greatest resources and should be cared accordingly without having to have to pay for their lives with their flesh.
Baby Lion has recorded about 15 songs between Jamaica and Germany ,while awaiting the big break via a hit song ,he is still aspiring , recording, working hard towards the day of his great success as an established roots rock reggae ,he foresees himself in the future as a clean producer of strong spiritual expressions in the channel of Reggae Music., having the handle to depend and preserve the purpose of the word the sound and the power of the strongest musical force on the face of the Earth….hey world !He is coming your way, open your ears and heart to accept another son of Rastafari the best ….. blessed.

Friday, May 25, 2007

REGGAELOVEALIVE Festival Kingston Jamaica

Reggae Love Alive Festivals presents
in association with Big Tree Productions
BUSS -OUT Thursdays...Big Tree Lawn Cross Roads Kingston>>>>>Talent Exposure SHOWCASE 876 864-5708
Dance Dj Sing Poetry LiveJam Band Sessions

Invitation to Tender/Expression of Interest

A one day Reggae Music, Arts and Cultural event
Artistes performances from:
Africa, Caribbean, North & South America, Europe

Balion Music will be hosting a fund raising festival towards the creation of the Balion School of Reggae Music. We are inviting promoters, producers, artists, artistes, film makers, sponsors and investors to join us in this venture. The proceeds will go towards community development projects and music courses scholarships. At this point all bookings are opened, anyone interested to play a part should contact us.

Event will include:
Art exhibition:
Artists will have the possibility to exhibit paintings, crafts and sculptures.
Cultural traditional foods will be on sale on the day of the event
Fashion show:
Up-coming and established designers will display their traditional and contemporary designs.
Music Festival:
The Music Festival will function as the Cultural anchor of the day; with Jamaican up coming artists, winners of the mini Reggae Love Alive contests, as well as established national and international artists. The show will also include up coming and established Sound Systems and children oriented music during the day as well as family activities.

For more information:
reggaelovealive@gmail.com or
rastapicney@gmail.com www.myspace.com/babylionrastapicney,www.myspace.com/reggaelovealive