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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Global Reggae Collabs by Balion Music

http://soundcloud.com/groups/balionmusic-global-reggae-collabs        Reggae people working together on reggae flavoured projects-We @BalionMusic is looking to have a total global reggae connection online and offline from music to documentary movies to books, live shows and touring also consultations and special services even tourism. so join the group and give some ideas and make it work if you love reggae that much we have the power to make the right thing happen!

You may follow my blog link me on Skype (rastapicney) on Faceboook..Rupert Leroy Davidson rastapicney@yahoo.co.uk...if you wish you can call me too in Kingston(1-876)4337015)..I would like us to unite in many ways even as far a developing a fair and transparent support system, which involves monetary partnerships..Private and public where we all can agree upon pooling funds together honestly and legally to get each other's works accomplished and we will promote it together..let's eradicate competitiveness with oneness! May Jah be our guide...One love 
check out the
"Balion Music School of Reggae and performing Arts Project" https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=51386136032
it needs all the strength you can give!..Respect
p.s. http://www.reggaelovealive.blogspot.com/

skype name: rastapicney

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rupert davidson said...

the time is getting better for my projects some how . I give thanks